Please read to help you make some purchasing decisions! 
Campers MUST wear their yellow Malibu t-shirt to camp each day.  (The free anniversary one or the regular ones are both acceptable!) Most parents choose to buy 2-3 yellow shirts in addition to the free one given but of course it is a personal decision often dependent upon your laundry habits! :) There will also be a few days throughout the summer where the campers can wear any Malibu Beach Camp shirt of their choice.  The white tie dye shirt will be utilized during Week 4 of camp (July 16th-July 20th) which is Tie Dye Week and then campers will have the opportunity to wear it on Monday, July 23rd.  Camp sweatshirts are great to keep in your child's cubby throughout the summer in case it gets a little chilly one day! 
Make sure to label all apparel sent to camp!  The site below has great camp label packages! Click the link below and choose "Malibu Beach Camp" to order your labels! 
 Click here to order your labels!